Net Zero

Compliant Solutions, Services, Products and Support for the public sector’s transition to Net Zero.
Everything Net Zero has been established to provide those in the public sector charged with meeting their organisations’ net zero targets with a dynamic, compliant and innovative supply chain marketplace.
It provides end-to-end, depth and breadth solutions covering everything from;
Advisory and planning – estates and the circular economy
Design, architecture, engineering and technologies
Construction, retrofit
and facilities
management services
Green energy, energy consumption reduction and monitoring
Water and waste management;
to-sustainable transport
and EV fleet/ charging

Why do we need
Everything Net Zero?

The UK requires the public sector to play its role in positively 
responding to climate change and inspiring action on an international stage. Everything Net Zero will provide the full range of solutions to help meet these ambitions.

We will actively promote what our supply chain can deliver; innovations and solutions to meet the public sector’s complex  net zero strategies in addition to being an efficient and effective route to market.

How will Everything
Net Zero help?

It provides end-to-end, depth and breadth solutions covering everything from;
A full range of compliant solutions, services, products and support
Ultimate flexibility with a dynamic supply chain to encourage innovation
Compliance and speed to market aligning to the forthcoming Procurement Bill
Simplicity and transparency - removing bureaucratic procedures
Fully managed, with direct award and mini competition options with our flexible supply chain
Supply chain is obligated to report on their and your decarbonisation measures
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